A Letter from Pastor Brian

Dear Trenton Wesleyan Church family,

I want to share some important news with you about the future of this church. It’s been a process that has been unfolding for a while, but the time has come for me to retire from my ministry at Trenton Wesleyan. I have requested of the Local Board of Administration that my last Sunday be August 21, 2022 and they have agreed to that timeline.

Thirty-one years ago, I accepted the call to become your pastor. Serving as the fourth pastor of this remarkable church’s 57-year history has been one of the greatest honours of my life. My journey with you has spanned more than half my life, and more than half the life of this church.

As a church family, you watched me date and then marry my wife, Patricia. You saw us move out of the parsonage and into a home of our own. You helped us raise our two children, who have known no other church home but Trenton Wesleyan.

You are a remarkable community of faith with clear vision, strong leadership, and a humble willingness to risk and change for the sake of the Good News of Jesus Christ. I am excited to see what God will do through you in the future.

You may wonder if this decision was prompted by the demands of the pandemic or maybe even the building program five years ago. No, God has simply made it clear to both Patricia and me that after gladly giving my all to serving in this call, my ministry with Trenton Wesleyan is complete and we’re being called to a new stage of life. We know that God’s vision for Trenton Wesleyan will be best-served by calling a new, younger pastor with new gifts, fresh vision and energy.

I’m going to do all I can to pave the way for a healthy and smooth, God-honouring transition. The leadership and I will take the appropriate steps to provide stability and continuity during the next months as the search for a new pastor begins.

I want you to know the tremendous privilege and blessing it has been in my life, my ministry, and my faith to serve as your pastor. Please keep this entire process in your prayers as we move forward, seeking God’s will for the future at Trenton Wesleyan Church.

Gratefully, in Christ and with much love,

Pastor Brian